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Can You Build Trust on Your Landing Pages

When a customer reaches your landing page, the first impression must create a feeling of trust. There are a number of steps to ensure your landing page creates a feeling of confidence.

Steps to Building Trust

Building Trust
  1.  Professional certificates, awards, or thank-you letters help build trust in your product or service. In some areas such as education, law, and medicine, they are simply essential.

2. Establish that your credibility by explaining the benefit that you give to your customers.

3. Ensure that the advertisement matches that the landing page. Trust will be built if the two match and are consistent.

4. Images that explain your product will be important. When planning and selecting your images keep in mind that these must reflect stability and reliability.

5. Providing names, addresses, emails and phone to enable the customer to contact your directly will increase the customer’s confidence particularly if your brand is not well-known.

6. Real Customer recommendations and reviews will convince the customer of reliability and the ability to deliver.

7. There are easy to use landing page software which will help you put together a landing page quickly which meets all the above requirements.

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