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Marketing Budget Assessment

Marketing Budget Assessment

The new budgets you roll out need to completely reassess how the marketing landscape has changed. Events are dead, webinars are empty, people are not going to work so why buy billboards, everything is moving and you need to create an adaptive budget to meet this new landscape.

What do we know is true? People are in their homes and on their phones, they check their emails, watch tv, and order food.

This is an important time to invest into UX, not the ux team that sit in photoshop and image what a your user is doing. Real research, the psychiatry and anthropologists. You need some science.

Commission a study or do it yourself. Re discover what your users are doing with their life to find where to engage and how to talk.

This means widening the tests to include much more outliners. Don’t just split test “You are” and “You’re”. Try new mediums like sound search, AR, gifts, gamewebinairs, robot popups, drive through meetings. The ground has shifted beyond your old experiences.

All you have now is the ability to learn. Which means hunt experience beyond your normal.

Risk adverse no longer wins as the noise is so loud and the users are so hidden you need something amazing to awake their slumber.

Now, more than ever is the time for BOLD.

Now is the time for science.

Now is the time to change.