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Management Marketing

A New Age for Marketing is Dawning

The move by Google, which has already been implemented by Firefox and Safari, to remove support for cookies means a new age for marketing. This, together with Walled Gardens, means dramatic change for marketing technology.

Data Management Platforms (DMP) are changing and will be able to extend their capabilities to take account of the new technologies introduced by Google in the next couple of years.

There will be a change to analysing aggregating and de-identified data. This is similar to other sources such as Facebook. Google’s intention for the Privacy Sandbox  is to “Create a thriving web ecosystem that is respectful of users and private by default.”

Demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, customer data platforms (CDPs), onboarders and data marketplaces will increase and thrive in the new environment. All these functions may be absorbed by DMPs.

Which means when deciding on a DPM, there are new questions to asking including:

  1. What alternate solution is the DMP providing for the demise of cookies?
  2. Does the DMP have look-alike functionality?
  3. What are the second and third-party sources used by the DMP?
  4. Does the DMP have cross-device identity management allowing stitching profiles across all environments.
  5. Does your DMP stitch the user journey?
  6. Has the DMP a solution to Wall Gardens? The rise of companies protecting their data has made marketing all that much harder. Even Google, Facebook and Amazon have walled gardens.
  7. Is a Data Cleaning Room a feature of the DMP. This will allow a peak into the walled gardens to see how the ads of Google are performing.
  8. Match rate testing is essential to enable ROI to be established accurately.