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Design Debt will Cripple Your Future

Avoiding Design Debt

We all know the tech debt that we collect when people want to move fast and lean. The speed at which we move to stay agile and disruptive often collects debts to be paid down the line.

The fear of the startup or the disrupter taking a segment often leads to a quick acquisition or a spin-off site or some new idea.

Here is where the debt grows. This is the start of what will start to catch on like a barnacle at sea on a ship. Till you are dragged underwater and struggling to breathe.

Cut to the multi brand multi product debacle that you know manage.

Create a foundations team that puts tools like abstract which is grit for designers. Start to think about a central repository for your design system that has reusable components.

Imagine how lean and fast you will be with a full quiver of logos, elements, atoms, and components to fire from your bow like a marvel superhero.

In some leading companies, they now have a page builder attached to the storybook to allow drag and drop of components from the business user.

New site, no problem… here build it yourself.

You don’t like that form build your own and we will run it through our testing to have it approved for accessibility.

This is where you get to when you plan for lean, when you are sensible about disruption and when you acknowledge the support and maintenance and ongoing product development that is needed to fill a full pipeline and grow your experience design.