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Content Technology

Content Storytelling

Content Storytelling is using the techniques of storytelling when creating content. Storytelling has been in the expert marketer’s toolkit since early humans drew pictures on cave walls. If done correctly, it builds trust in your company’s brand and products.

Content Problems

Amount of Content: There is so much content, that grabbing and keeping the customer’s attention is difficult. What is the key to standing out and keeping customers engaged? Content is now the heart of inbounding marketing but how to keep the heart beating when there is a need to produce constant content or sink in the mire of the internet.

Inconsistency: Because content is churned out by different departments the information in different content can clash.

Credibility: Some content can damage brand and product credibility by throwing words into a mixer and then laying them out without any focus.

Coldness: Some articles are so painfully full of facts without any emotion or human connectivity. They lead the viewer uninterested and, even worse, bored.

Improving Content

One of the key ways to improve content is to add images. But just plonking down some random images will not help. The key is to use storytelling structure to tie your product details, images, and information together in a way that attracts attention and then remains in the customer’s mind.

  1. Strategy. A long term picture needs to be set up with a base story structure.
  2. Brand Story. At the top, there needs to be the brand story from which all other stories flow.
  3. Content Stories. Each content needs to have a story around a relatable person, put the interesting elements at the start, some type of conflict is required to keep the reader engaged, the story needs to be authentic. And, as a bonus, if possible use a little bit of appropriate humor.

Software for Content Storytelling

One of the options for improving your content storytelling is the application Shorthand.

Shorthand is a digital storytelling platform for teams in marketing, communications, and media. Build stunning, interactive stories for the web without relying on a team of developers.

See the video below.