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What to Consider When Evaluating a CRM Platform

Every business, needs a CRM that collects data to improve efficiency. The list of items to consider when choosing a CRM follows.

Can You Fix Your Data Cleansing Problems?

Data Cleansing problems have a significant impact on business. On average, only 75% of data is clean. There are a number of steps to take.

Content Storytelling

Content storytelling is the most powerful way to engage customers. But it is also the hardest approach to implement.

Practical Data Governance

Practical data governance is necessary to ensure a smooth marketing operation.

Google now officially loves mobile more than your desktop

Google now gives your mobile experience higher importance than desktop. Reviewing your website to ensure it is compatible with mobiles is key to good performance.

What is Required When Google Stops Cookies on Chrome?

Google will be blocking third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser. Safari and Firefox already block cookies by default. The approach by Google will be different. The initiative to remove cookies is part of Google’s effort to create a set of open standards for digital tracking it first announced…