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A Simple Way to Create a UX Center of Excellence

To turn a company from inter-department fights to one united in the mission to deliver remarkable UX is the single most important thing Marketing can do to deliver ROI.

But how? You imagine a company that is lean, scientific in its testing of the web apps, hunting to understand what is our unique satisfying experience that drives customers into raving fans, you imagine people fighting to create excellent UX.

Wake Up

Then you wale up.

And you see IT installing security, customer service saving money, finance trying to shave millions by saving cents.

The biggest journeys start with the first step, and learning from design thinking you need to pull people out and give them a taste of the sweet nectar of service to the customer.

What has worked for me is to arrange a center of excellence. I have polled leaders across many industries and the winners seem to follow a similar patten.

Arrange a sprint with a single focus, a part of a site, secondments of people from many teams, be it one day a week, on top of other duties or best case for a six week google sprint of three two week scrums.

Talking to Customers

Start by getting to talk to customers, have all the team do it. Use Airtasker, call customers, ask the sales guys to arrange meetings, go and talk. Qualitative then quantitive. Now look into the numbers and search across your company for related data. Look to competition and find best and worst. Build a clear problem statement. What are you solving for what imaginary customer?

Now forget everything and brainstorm, ask consultants, ask management, ask anyone to build ideas on how to solve the problem. Talk with suppliers. Make a list of ideas.

Now test, start by asking what if, build prototypes, lean build, check and test and measure.

Now iterate and iterate and record. With the right focus you will improve and the team will have learned how to test and how to think user first.

Now the hard part. Write up your success and sell it through the company. Send your team back and get the success numbers- we made x, we did x.

Have them teach the company of what is possible. Have management talk up the success and change kpis. And now you have begun the start of a center of excellence.

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