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7 Trends in Digital Marketing, 2021

Your company will be burning money unless they take into account the new digital marketing trends. The pandemic has changed the world and has brought forward changes that would have taken a decade. There is no going back and the many changes of 2021 are here to stay.

1. Digital Events

2. 5G

5G will start to have an impact. Mobile has now become the chief means of communication. Google is now making mobile 100% of its display of websites – websites must look good on mobile. The demand for increased capacity can now start to be met and will start to impact digital marketing in 2021.

3. Social Media Continued Growth

Social media have increased the ability for the consumer to purchase on their platforms and this area will continue to grow. These platforms will require new learnings and approaches but will be vital for many brands. It will not just be brand awareness but actually selling on the social media platform. Facebook Shop where a shop can be created in both Facebook and Instagram will initially rule for small businesses but even large companies will use platforms like these.

4. Consumer Data Improved

Better Use of Consumer Data. Consumers are tired of being given a host of ads related to a purchase they have already completed. They want ads directed at what they want now and or even what they may want in the future. For example, if they have just bought a car they don’t want to continually see more car ads, they will want accessories for the car, trips they can take in the car, accident reducing tools. And in twelve months, they will want to see cheaper alternatives for insurance. These are the coming challenges that need to be addressed. Customer Development Platforms (CDP) will come to the fore this year. It will become more critical to be able to manage customer data and stop the fragmentation.

5. Social Media Channel Reduction

Reducing and consolidating the use of social media channels. Each social media platform is developing a personality and a target audience. Selecting and find the right set of social media will be key.

6. Community Caring

The tone has changed. The pandemic has changed the focus from personal flamboyance to community caring. Caring about those impacted severely by 2021 will become a focus and brands will need to show their caring side on digital media.

7. Still Working from Home

Working from Home will continue to rule and lead to a need for new approaches both for B2B and B2C. There will be many new approaches develop over this year with the continued use of working from home not just Zoom and Microsoft Teams. That will be just the start.