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Why are you marketing your org chart?

Think of every supermarket and you see everything grouped together in supply and department names. I want to buy entertaining food, so I walk from dairy to biscuits to fruit. But I want a cheese platter for entertaining.

When I go to the bank I want my finance taking care of, but i talk to somoone from personal loans and someone from everyday banking and someone from home loans.

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Your org chart can be a marketing tool

As a marketing and sales team inside a company you often inherit a dispersed company that is structured based on the manufacturing and supply of a product. The first job needs to be unifying this structure under customer needs. The customer need needs to structure the KPIs, and then at some point during the org structure, you need to switch to make supplying cost-effective by unifying who is supplying.

So the person who buys the reinsurance cant help the guy who is delivering credit cards in an organisation. So the reality though is where the flip happens and how the KPIS link up so that products can be bundled and delivered together.

Start with the customer mapping using software like

Start with mapping out the customer journey. Next part in the series we will take you through how to build a Center of UX Excellence to encourage a unified vision of customer desires.