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5 Ways to Drive Results with ABM

Here are 5 ways to drive sales results with Account-based Management (ABM).

What is ABM?

Account-based marketing (ABM) targets key accounts focussing on specific companies.

Get the ABM Strategy in place

The first step is for the Executive to agree that an ABM approach is one of the approaches in the Marketing Strategy and then look at the ways it will be done.

Get Sales and Marketing Communicating on ABM

A process for ensuring and measuring ABM needs to be identified that does not put an onerous load on Sales but allows Marketing to assess success. Sales feel they own accounts and particularly the key accounts and they will need to see outcomes from any additional efforts.

Audit the CRM data regularly

The company’s CRM data will need to be accurate. The third step is an audit needs to be done and a process for cleaning the data regularly. Otherwise, there will be time and costs wasted.

Set Up ABM Metrics

Executive, Sales, and Marketing all need to agree on a set of AMB Metrics and regularly review the metrics.


The fifth step is to assess your company’s Sales and Marketing tools and determine if additional ABM software is required. The list of ABM software includes: